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Don't Botch Your Dry Trimming Project

Call on us for cannabis trimming services in Portage, or Kalamazoo, MI

Whether you're new to growing cannabis or you're an experienced enthusiast, you can count on TrimEZE to provide you with the equipment needed to have a bountiful harvest. We rent all kinds of cannabis trimmers in Portage, MI, including popular brands like Triminator, Trimpro and SquashEZE. Don't worry about cleaning the equipment - we'll take care of that free of charge once the trimmer has been picked up.

We'll be glad to discuss our rental options with you. Call 269-367-7133 now to learn more about our cannabis trimming services.

Hire the Trim Squad to help with your harvest

Do you not have time to care for your cannabis plants? Rely on the Trim Squad to come to your aid. We're your trusted resource for:



You'll appreciate that all of our customers are entered into a monthly contest for a shot at our emerald package. This includes fan leaf removal, bucking and all kinds of TrimEZE merchandise.

Reach out to get cannabis trimming services in Portage or Kalamazoo, MI.



Learn How To Use Your Excess Plant Material For More Product

When you rent a cannabis trimmer from TrimEZE, we’ll be glad to show you how you can create all kinds of cannabis products from the leftover materials. For example, you can use your excess materials to make:

Rosin | Edibles | Tinctures | Kief | Hash

Contact us today for more info, tips and tricks. We’ll be glad to show you the ropes.